7 Steps to Success in Business & in Life:
During Recession or Recovery

7 Steps to Success in Business & in Life: During Recession or Plenty by Marilyn McLeod

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7 Steps to Success
in Business & in Life:
During Recession or Recovery

by Marilyn McLeod

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Marshall Goldsmith

Marilyn McLeod, personal management coach for small business owners, takes the reader through seven important steps to increase success in business, projects, and life.  Idea-generator, reference, and comfort food for the soul, the book has a friendly tone and includes candid stories of real people and key principles by today’s greatest thinkers.  Easy to read with chapter summaries and exercises, 7 Steps to Success in Business & in Life: During Recession or Recovery is a powerful tool for people in any capacity who choose to take an active role in creating a better life for themselves and those around them.

Seven Steps to Success in Business & In Life: During Recession or Recovery is a valuable guidebook for all of us on our journey to success, however we define it.

The questions the book asks are almost more valuable than the answers provided. And the exercises help move us into the future that we will redefine, in our own way, after taking Seven Steps… to heart. - Frances Hesselbein

Frances Hesselbein is the Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Leader to Leader Institute, was the Founding President of the Peter F. Drucker Foundation and was CEO of the Girl Scouts of the USA, 1976-1990. Mrs. Hesselbein was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom, the United States of America's highest civilian honor, in 1998 by President Clinton. In 2002 Mrs. Hesselbein was the first recipient of the Dwight D. Eisenhower National Security Series Award for her service "to national security and the nation."

She is the author of Hesselbein on Leadership, published in August of 2002. Be, Know, Do: Leadership the Army Way, introduced by General Eric K. Shinseki and Frances Hesselbein was published in February of 2004. She is the co-editor of more than 20 books in 28 languages including Hesselbein on Leadership, Leader of the Future 2 and Organization of the Future 2, and is Editor-In-chief of Leader to Leader journal.

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Extremely moving, inspiring, heart-wrenching, great! - Nathaniel Branden

Psychotherapist and philosopher Nathaniel Branden, Ph.D. is a lecturer, practicing psychotherapist, and author of twenty books on the psychology of self-esteem, romantic love, and the life and thought of Objectivist philosopher Ayn Rand. His work has been translated into 18 languages and has sold over 4 million copies, and includes such titles as Taking Responsibility, The Six Pillars of Self Esteem, and My Years with Ayn Rand.

The name Nathaniel Branden has become synonymous with the psychology of self-esteem, a field he began pioneering over thirty years ago. In that time, he has done more than any other theorist to advocate the importance of self-esteem to human well-being, a mission which began with his involvement in Objectivist philosopher Ayn Rand's "Inner Circle."


As an entrepreneur running a small consultancy business, Marilyn's coaching has inspired me to carry on when things looked tough, and given me ideas for new ventures based on what's in my toolkit, interpreted with her help in whole new ways. Her assistance has been profoundly important to my overall success over the past few years.

Marilyn's book does something unique: It brings together some of the most valuable inspirational resources but also practical "nuts and bolts" knowledge that we all need. Her book is helping me in both ways to get through these very difficult times and reach my goals. I credit this book in helping me to thrive not just survive. - Gary Ranker

Dr. Gary Ranker is considered by Forbes magazine and other media as one of the top five executive coaches. Gary specializes in corporate politics. For more information visit www.GaryRanker.com or have a look at the new book just released by John Wiley & Sons "Political Dilemmas At Work".

For all the small business owners out there who are struggling in these times, Marilyn McLeod has written a primer you MUST read. It contains heartfelt and hard-won wisdom for all who want to get beyond the mass of information and infomercials they receive every day. This book literally is brimming with enthusiasm while offering clear ideas for success.

In this book Marilyn offers practical steps for anyone who wants to start or grow their own business. She does so in a way that is principled as well as reflective. While she channels wisdom from Marshall Goldsmith to Nathaniel Brandon, her real contribution is to the business owner. Her 7 principles resonate with the concept that YOU are the most important engine of growth for your own enterprise, and she offers guidance for how you should best spend your precious time, as well as how to think beyond the present in overcoming challenges and obstacles. She offers some great stories to support her points, while keeping the perspective of a coach who is there to help you. - James Goodrich

James Goodrich, Founding Dean
Marshall Goldsmith School of Management
Alliant International University

I know Marilyn and well enough that I can actually hear her voice in the book. And it is a refreshingly encouraging voice – never down, always warm and capable of making you see things that you knew but were unable to relate to your own circumstances till she showed you how. She is self effacing but does not mince words and shows you very clearly what you have to do to junk the detritus you carry around with you – often without realizing it! – and start living a life where great things happen to you routinely, and where every day is a blast. This will not happen to you if you merely read the book. There is an excellent chance that it will happen to you if you actually do the things she so clearly and lovingly prescribes. - Srikumar S. Rao

Professor Srikumar Rao, author of Are You Ready to Succeed? and The Personal Mastery Program. His "Creativity and Personal Mastery" course has been so successful at London Business School, Columbia Business School, and Haas School of Business that it has its own alumni association.
Especially valuable during a time of global economic uncertainty that affects all leaders and businesses - small and large - the 7 Steps provides invaluable insights across a set of timely topics. Marilyn's coaching expertise provides guidance in a manner that focuses on you, the reader. She has uniquely assembled wisdoms from great leadership thinkers in a simple to understand and actionable set of stories and exercises. A must read for today's times. - David G. Thomson
David G. Thomson, author of Blueprint to a Billion: 7 Essentials to Achieve Exponential Growth

Martin Luther King Jr once said, “The ultimate measure of a man is not where he stands in moments of comfort and convenience, but where he stands at times of challenge and controversy.” In Seven Steps to Success in Business & In Life: During Recession or Recovery, Marilyn courageously shares with us her past personal challenges, and like Phoenix rising from the ashes, provides a road map you can immediately use to be successful in your personal and business life. Marilyn serves as your personal coach by first helping you define the person within you, therefore making it easier to create the world you so desire around you. A must read! - James Singletary

James Singletary, All-American, former NFL Linebacker, now a Behavioral Optometrist and OrthoKeratologist specializing in adult & pediatric eye care, behavioral/neuro-optometry at the vision therapy center he shares with his partner and wife, Dr. Eva Shiau, at EyeMedics in Fayetteville, North Carolina.

I have known and worked with Marilyn for almost 10 years. She has always surrounded herself and learned from an eclectic group of the best thought leaders. In her very timely book she shares her personal journey and the journey of others to knowledge and towards wisdom in a very usable way. All we need is the courage, commitment, and discipline to use blueprint she lays out in her wonderful book. - Chris Coffey

Chris Coffey, Keynote Speaker, Leadership Educator, Executive Coach


During my career, I have had the privilege of working with over 100 major CEOs and their management teams. My clients are already successful leaders who are working to “take it to the next level” and get even better.

I met Marilyn in 2002 when I was looking for someone to create a website for me. “Just a small website,” I told her. Not only did she help me create my small website just the way I envisioned it, she also helped me grow it into a significant Internet presence that catalogs my work, and gives my clients and anyone who visits hundreds of articles, columns, videos and audios about the concepts I teach in my coaching practice.

Throughout the years we have worked together, Marilyn has applied her broad range of skills to several new projects and opportunities in my own business. She has shown the highest integrity and has handled a couple of tough situations in a very professional way.

Marilyn has firsthand experience with the Marshall Goldsmith coaching concepts she presents in her book. She recently managed a coaching engagement with four very senior executives in a 'Fortune 500' client of mine. She did a wonderful job of managing the work of coaches involved - and coordinating the project. The end result was positive, long-term change in behavior for the client executives - and a very positive experience for the coaches!

As my coaching clients know, our coaching involves a guarantee … that the person being coached shows documented positive results through a mini-survey. The raters are not me, nor the coaching client, but instead the client’s stakeholders. The mini-survey results of Marilyn’s own coaching engagements also show documented positive results.

Though Marilyn’s coaching has focused mainly on small business owners during her career, the exercises and concepts she presents in her book make sense for anyone who is taking charge of their own enterprise, their career, or finding their way through a personal challenge or transition. The 7 Steps she presents offer tools to improve anyone’s personal management skills.

As I read through her book, it was interesting to learn more about her background, and what informs her coaching. Marilyn is an exceptional coach. She has a way of fitting into an environment and providing support and guidance in a manner that does not call attention to herself, but instead enhances the business owner’s vision and personal style.

This book is being published during a time of global economic uncertainty. The topics are timely. Marilyn has brought together the wisdom of some of the greatest leadership thinkers in modern times, including several of my own mentors, and created a very readable resource book of tools which are especially vital in our changing environment.

Marilyn’s book follows a principle I use in my work: A concept distilled into its simplest form saves everyone valuable time. Her book is small enough to carry around, yet carries the weight of great thinkers and concepts that not only make sense intellectually, but have also been proven to work. She has created a practical, useful tool full of helpful ideas which are balanced with practical how-to exercises and useful questions.

The tone of the book is friendly. It is like having Marilyn in the room. Give yourself ten minutes here, half an hour there, and read her book as an idea-generator for whatever issues you are facing. With wisdom distilled from her coaching practice, Marilyn’s got it right. She clearly has her finger on the pulse of what you need to know today to manage yourself in a small business.

Marshall Goldsmith
Founder, Marshall Goldsmith Partners
NYT best-selling author of What Got You Here Won't Get You There




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