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"I now have 102 connections on my LinkedIn account! I worked hard on it over the weekend and could never have done it without you. Thanks again for dragging me into the world of social media."

- Trudy Triner

Social Media for Small Business Book Series by Marilyn McLeod
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Are You New to Social Media?

First let me assure you.  Everyone is a beginner at some level when it comes to the Internet.  Sure, I’ve been focused on Internet technology and online marketing since 1996, so I suppose I could call myself an expert.  Does that mean I know everything about the Internet and computers?  Not by a long stretch.

My knowledge is broad, from how to run a web server to how to add video and optimize content for the web.  Many of my colleagues focus specifically on one technical slice of the spectrum for their entire career.  Does that mean they know everything about their small niche?  I watch them continuing to study while their technology of choice evolves or gives way to something new, and as the technical or social landscape around their chosen field changes.

My point is … we’re all still learning.  So if you’re new to this, have hope!  Just take one small piece at a time, and even while you’re still feeling somewhat lost and overwhelmed with the many possibilities opening up to you, you’ll also be surprised at how quickly you become an expert in the eyes of people around you who know less than you did before you read these books and started playing with the ideas.

Social Media Training Courses

How I Got Started with Social Media in One Evening

Learn how to get started with the basics using free social media software that doesn't require any programming knowledge. Follow this program step by step to set up your Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and Blog accounts. Learn how to use each tool effectively, including keywords and link tracking.

Social Media for Beginners Book $11.97 + 3.99 shpg
Weekly email course $27
Weekly teleclass plus initial individual coaching session $497


Discover Time-Saving Strategies in Social Media

What's the concern I hear most often from busy small business owners when they think of social media? "How will I ever find the time?!" You'll learn ways to streamline your work, and guidelines to help you delegate what you can ... either to others, or to specialized social media applications that help you keep track of your work.

Social Media for Beginners Book $11.97 + 3.99 shpg
Weekly email course $27
Weekly teleclass plus initial individual coaching session $497

Marshall Goldsmith, What Got You Here Won't Get You There, MOJO!, Facebook


Ways to Find People Online

I make no guarantees about the following sites - things change rapidly in the social media arena!


Google Social Search

Get Glue


Just Tweet It


Mr. Tweet

My Life

Nearby Tweets

People Browser

Search Twitter


Tweep Search

Tweet Tag

Tweet O'Clock



Twit Dir


Twitter Grader


Twitter Local


We Follow

Who Should I Follow

Zoom Info

ISMA International Social Media Association

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