Stakeholder Centered Coaching

Many internal and external coaches have asked about acquiring certification in Marshall Goldsmith’s stakeholder centered, universally recognized, coaching process.

The 2-day "Train the Coach" workshop is generally conducted for a specific company at their site. In partnership with Alliant University and the Marshall Goldsmith School of Management Chris and Frank are also offering two public workshops a year.

Next Public Training Dates: January 11th and 12th, 2011 in Park City, Utah

To reserve a space contact Chris Coffey.

About the Training
Learning Objectives
Workshop Agenda
Marshall Goldsmith Endorsement of the Trainers
About the Trainers

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The Marshall Goldsmith School of Management at Alliant University invites you February 25,26 to join us:

Certification in Marshall Goldsmith’s “Stakeholder Centered” Coaching Process

Discover the unique Blueprint that Marshall Goldsmith used to become a bestselling author and recognized and sought after leadership/executive coach. This 2-day workshop is designed for both internal and external coaches who want to learn and become certified in the “stakeholder centered” coaching process made famous by Marshall.

Now you can accelerate the depth and growth of your coaching by learning Marshall's proven blueprint for success. The Marshall Goldsmith School of Management, at Alliant International University, is holding a 2-day Train the Coach workshop that reveals the step by step coaching process that effective coaches use to measure and guarantee improvement through a coaching process pioneered by Marshall Goldsmith, Frank Wagner and Chris Coffey.

  • Learn how to become a sought after coach in tough economic times.
  • Learn how to retains and develops clients year after year.
  • Master a proven, results-driven methodology.
  • Learn from world-class coaches, Frank Wagner and Chris Coffey.
  • Receive Initial Certification in this proven coaching process.
  • Join the Community of certified Stakeholder-Centered Coaches and have your own page.
  • You can accelerate your coaching goals with our unique stakeholder centric process.


As a special offer in these challenging economic times, Chris and Frank are pricing these "Train the Coach" workshops and certification at only $2,000. The workshops are very experiential and therefore limited to 20 participants per workshop.

2 Day "Train-the-Coach" Workshop Certification

The interactive 2-day certification workshop will give internal organizational resources the tools, processes, and skills to coach others for behavioral change and improve leadership competencies.

Learning Objectives

• Develop the ability and willingness of internal organizational resources to effectively coach others

• Understand and apply a proven process to achieve positive, long-term behavioral change

• Create an environment where people can achieve maximum behavioral change while minimizing wasted time

This workshop is designed for internal organizational resources: e.g. internal coaches, consultants or people in Human Resources, Training and Organizational Development.

Length of the program

Two full days. Most of the time in the workshop is devoted to skill practice in real life coaching situations. Prior to attending the highly interactive workshop, participants will get The Coaching Playbook that details the critical Do's & Don'ts of helping successful people get even better.

2 Day Train the Coach Workshop Agenda

Day 1

  • 8:00 - Welcome, Objectives, Agenda & Workbook, Ground-Rules
  • Review Coaching Process / Behavioral Coaching Skills, Key Principles
  • Behavioral Goal Setting – Skill Practice
  • Action Planning – Skill Practice

12:00 - LUNCH (provided)

  • Behavioral Rehearsal – Skill Practice
  • Behavioral Reinforcement – Skill Practice
  • After Action Reviews – Skill Practice
  • Personal Goal Setting Exercise
  • Feedforward Exercise
  • Modeling the Leader Skills
  • Story Telling – Skill Practice
  • Prep for Day 2
  • Wrap-up / Next Steps and Commitments

5:00 - End of Day

Day 2 - Coaching Flow/Skills

8:00 - Overview of Day Two

  • SMART START: Setting Expectations through the Coaching Contract
  • SMART START: Enrolling Stakeholders
  • IMPLEMENTING SUGGESTIONS: Increasing the Focus
  • IMPLEMENTING SUGGESTIONS: Accelerating the Execution
  • SUSTAINING SUCCESS: Preparing for Mini-Survey
  • SUSTAINING SUCCESS: Reinforcing the Eight Step Encouraging Development Process

12:00 - LUNCH (provided)

Section 4 – Coaching Labs

  • 1st Coaching Lab – Undecided Leader
  • 2nd Coaching Lab – Learning to Respond
  • 3rd Coaching Lab – Reluctant to Involve Stakeholders
  • 4th Coaching Lab – Running out of Steam
  • 5th Coaching Lab – Less than expected Improvement
  • Group Summary of Coaching Lab Experience

Section 5 – Conclusions and Wrap-Up

  • Coaching Skills Self Assessment (Post-survey)
  • Summary Points

4:30 - End of Day Two

  • Initial Certification

Marshall Goldsmith’s Endorsement of Frank Wagner & Chris Coffey:

Marshall Goldsmith

Dr. Marshall Goldsmith is a world authority in helping successful leaders get even better – by achieving positive, lasting change in behavior: for themselves, their people and their teams. Marshall is also the author of What Got You Here Won’t Get You There and MOJO! Translated into 23 languages, it is a New York Times best seller, Wall Street Journal #1 business book, winner of the Harold Longman award for Best Business Book of the Year and is a best seller in six different countries.

“Frank Wagner is clearly one of the greatest leadership educators, coaches and teacher of coaches that I have ever met. As an educator, Dr. Wagner combines a deep knowledge of leadership development with a gift for teaching that few teachers can match. As a coach, he has an incredible track record of helping his clients achieve positive, measurable, long-term change in leadership behavior. As a teacher of coaches, Frank is the person that Marshall Goldsmith Partners has chosen to lead the practice. The graduates of his coaching training have gone on to produce results that rival his own success!”

“My partner, Chris Coffey, helps individuals and teams achieve and sustain outstanding results. In addition, he is clearly one of the world’s best keynote speakers and trainers in the area of coaching, leadership development, and teamwork. He provides a rare combination of being entertaining and dynamic while providing advice and stories from his extensive coaching experience that is both practical and applicable. He is a person that I trust to lead the training process for our behavioral coaches!”

About the Trainers

Chris Coffey and Frank Wagner have worked closely with Marshall Goldsmith since and were key developers of the Goldsmith Coaching Process™ that was built on Marshall Goldsmith's world recognized philosophy and methodologies.

Chris Coffey

Since 1999 Chris has coached over 50 individuals and several teams in the year long guaranteed improvement process. Chris's distinctive approach to the coaching role is built from an understanding of the belief set of successful people and how successful people get even better. With this understanding and the application of coaching skill, a developmental process is tailored to take advantage of the positive aspect of successful people's beliefs and to overcome the negative aspects that can interfere with development.

Frank Wagner
Frank Wagner helps leaders achieve positive, long-term change in behavior. He combines his experience since 1976 in developing leaders through workshop facilitation with his skills in working one-on-one with leaders as a behavioral coach. When working at NationsBank (now Bank of America) Frank was nicknamed “The Consultant’s Consultant.” When working with IDS American Express, he was nicknamed “The Federal Express of Feedback” for assisting the senior executives in their teaching leadership throughout IDS.


Contact Chris for details: Send me a message (click here) or call me at 310 650 2438. Tell me Marilyn sent you!

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