Cathy Greenberg Cathy and Marilyn present ... 2008 Webinar Series Coach Marilyn
What Happy Coaches Know Where Happiness Equals Profit What Happy Coaches Know - the Science of Happiness

How the "new science of happiness" creates outstanding performers.

Cathy Greenberg and Marilyn McLeod invited some outstanding thought leaders and current authors in the field of leadership to share their insights on the new science of happiness.

Guest speakers:

Relly Nadler

Emotional Intelligence for Success as a Top Performer

Mark Goulston

Succeed in Your Career: Step 1 - Get Out of Your Own Way and Help Others Do the Same

Dan Hill

Making the Emotional Connection

Mario Moussa

"The Art of Woo: Using Strategic Persuasion to Sell Your Ideas at Work", a new book on emotional intelligence and sales

Karen Salmansohn


Marshall Goldsmith

Helping Successful Leaders Become Even Better

Cathy Greenberg

What Happy Companies Know - Where Happiness = Profit

Phil Harkins

In Search of Leadership - How Great Leaders Answer the Question, "Why Lead"? Interviews include Mikhail Gorbachev and Benazir Bhutto just before she returned to Pakistan.

Maggie Mistal

Getting on the Path to Career Happiness - Helping people believe in themselves and find a way to make a living doing work for which they have great talent and passion.

Gary Ranker / Marilyn McLeod

Navigating Our Own Career Success

Peter Dean & Molly Shepard

The Two Faces of Leadership: Gender and Power in the Workplace: Why Men and Women Should Join Forces

Marilyn McLeod

Creating Happiness in the New Year


Free Webinar Series To Feature Nation's Most Respected Executive Coaches Tucson, AZ (PRWEB) January 30, 2008

Seldom has the opportunity to learn directly from 'the leadership masters' been as readily available as is the new free webinar series, What Happy Coaches Know (WHCK).

Beginning on February 5, 2008 and continuing the second Tuesday of each month, some of the top thought leaders and authors in the field of leadership will share their best insights on how to be both happy and profitable.

Indeed, the WHCK webinars are hosted by Cathy L. Greenberg and Marilyn McLeod, leading proponents of the "new science of happiness." Both Greenberg and McLeod regularly coach executives and companies on the financial improvements that can be achieved from a happy work life and happy work force.

Dr. Greenberg and Coach Marilyn have invited a who's who of leadership experts to join them on their monthly WHCK webinars to explore the hidden powers of happiness and to offer practical, easy-to-follow directions on how business and organizational leaders can use happiness to bolster their bottom lines.

Dr. Greenberg, a bestselling author on the topic of happiness and leadership, is cofounder of the executive consultancy - h2c - Happy Companies, Healthy People - and has coached numerous global CEOs and organizational heads. She is heard each Monday at noon (EST) as co-host of Leadership Development News on the VoiceAmerica Business Channel. Coach Marilyn is also a noted coach and speaker, having worked closely with renowned leadership innovator Marshall Goldsmith and his methods of making successful people even more successful.

Goldsmith, himself, is just one of the many coaching luminaries scheduled to impart their wisdom during the WHCK series. Other well known coaches and/or thought leaders include: Relly Nadler, Mark Goulston, Dan Hill, Mario Moussa, Karen Salmansohn, Phil Harkins, Maggie Mistal, Gary Ranker, Peter Dean, and Molly Shepard.

"The What Happy Coaches Know series may well be the most important web event of 2008 for current leaders and those who aspire to successful leadership," Greenberg says. "Each of our noted guests is recognized for her and his outstanding expertise. Combined, they are unbeatable as leadership educators."

Participation in the WHCK webinars is free, but will be capacity restricted. Those wishing to participate must register promptly.

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